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The Jackson Clinics Foundation, Inc (JCF) was formed in 2012 for the purpose of funding our educational efforts in sub-Sahara Africa. 100% of all funds go to paying the transportation of our instructors and educational materials or supplies needed to support our programs. There are NO administrative fees. To date we have sent over 100 faculty members from our clinics and from around the country to teach in east and central Africa. Some of the best and brightest physical therapists in the United States have volunteered their time to travel to Africa to teach our students and upgrade their education. 

The Mission of the Jackson Clinics Foundation, Inc is to help improve the standard of clinical practice within East and Central Africa for better delivery of consistent, high quality physical therapy care to those communities. We seek to graduate advanced practitioners who can lead their communities and their local profession in the advancement of clinical care and education.

The faculty recognizes that they are the Stewards of the practitioners. As such, it is their responsibility to facilitate the professional development of advanced practitioners in physical therapy. The faculty is committed to teaching practitioners to manage patient care while incorporating current concepts in research and clinical practice, balancing patient needs and maintaining multi-disciplinary collaboration. The faculty must instill in the practitioner creative inquiry, passion, open-mindedness, and commitment to continual interest in advancement of personal and professional growth. They are responsible to inspire practitioners to become actively involved in their communities and their professional organization, thereby becoming Stewards of their profession.

The infrastructure is in place, and the programs are ever expanding and improving. These initiatives have one purpose: To improve human lives. We function under one premise, "Teach One - Treat Many."

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