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Have you ever wanted to make a significant difference in the world? Have you ever wanted to know that your efforts have directly improved people’s lives, helped someone to walk, or helped someone to be able to work and care for their family? 


We have shared that dream and now we would like you to become an active part of it.  In 2011 we launched an educational program in Ethiopia and in 2012 we started one in Kenya. These programs continue to grow and continue to benefit the populations of these two countries. 

There is an enormous unmet need for rehabilitation in the developing world. People crawl when they should be walking, people beg when they could be working. The level of training of physical therapists is crude at best. The reason is simple. The physiotherapists have no access to modern education. They are smart, they are motivated, but they don’t have people to teach on a long-term organized basis. We are committed to providing access.  
In the past ten years, we have sent over 120 teachers to Africa. In 2014, in partnership with Addis Abba University Medical School and Regis University, we launched the first doctoral program in physical therapy on the African continent. Think about that for a second. An organized, sustainable, modern educational program taught initially by American university professors and the Jackson Clinics staff. Our small practice in Middleburg has accomplished something that has truly changed lives. In January 2018 we graduated 17 DPT's from the Ethiopia Program. 
In 2012 we started a long-term educational project in Kenya to upgrade the skills of diploma graduates. We have graduated over 120 students from our programs. The Ministry of Health and the Kenya Medical Training College are solidly behind our efforts. We have University professors from around the country volunteering to staff our projects. We send our own staff members as well and pay them professional leave to go. Again, our commitment is to pay everyone’s airfare. In Kenya, very good housing is provided by our hosts. Our graduates are making a difference in patient care.

In 2018 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AMREF International University, (AMIU), to begin a Bachelor of Science upgrade program for Diploma holding physiotherapists in Kenya. In June 2022 we graduated our first 17 physiotherapists with Bachelors degrees. 


In 2019 we launched the first rehabilitation program in Women’s Health. This is meeting a necessary need in treating post-partum pelvic dysfunction.

In 2023 we will launch a Residency level specialization in Orthopedic Physical Therapy at Kenya Medical Training College, (KMTC), which will be a significant upgrade to the present program because it will utilize digital education for the didactic content of each course. This enables KMTC to advertise throughout East and Central Africa to help spread updated education to other countries.


So, how can you help? First and foremost, we need financial support. This can come as a direct donation, (we have established a non‐profit 501C3 foundation so donations are fully deductible), or by offering your expertise, ideas, or connections. We need about $100,000 per year to cover airfare and housing. ALL donations will be used for the cost of our programs, including Women's Health. You can also specify your donation to cover the cost of student tuitions. There are no other administrative costs involved. If you decide to send a check, please make it payable to The Jackson Clinics Foundation.


In Person

Stop by The Jackson Clinics Middleburg, VA location.


119 The Plains Rd., Ste 100

Middleburg, VA  20118


Make an donation through our secure paypal account

Over the Phone

Call us to donate over the phone. Hours: 8am - 5pm (EST)


By Email

Send us an email to learn more about how you can help.

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